Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Oh My Goodness!!!

Hello Everyone.. So Ive been selected to be on another Design Team!!! What?? Crazy!!  I know!! So I will be designing for the Linnie Blooms Blog!! WOOT!!! Linnie Blooms does mixed media and all kinds of crafty goodness!! SO SO SO excited!!!!!!!!!! Ill be working with some amazing crafters and hope to draw much inspiration from them!!! 

Here is the rest of the Team!!!
Blog Designers

1. Kelly Hoernig
2. Kelly Starsky
3. Kimberly Seldomridge
4. Kimberly Congdon
5. Rochelle Spears
6. Eve Tzortzis
7. Sandra Ghidara
8. Jessica Kephart
9. Cristal Hobbs (Pinky)
10. Sher Brown
11. Joan Olk
12. Julie Kraling

Video Designers:
1. Kisha Norfleet-Walton
2. Shanna Shands
3. Tina Phillips   <----- that's ME!
4. Shirley Stark
5. Marfa Otano

Guest Designers:
1. Linda Kinnaman
2. Teresa Cash
3. Baerbel Born
4. Cheryl Dossey
5. Karen Crossen
6. Penny Arnold
7. Laura Cox
8. Jill Bauschek
9. Sue Hunt

Be sure to check out Linnie Blooms' Blog 
and her facebook 

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