Tuesday, September 6, 2016

From my heart to yours <3

Welcome all!! Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved to create.. draw.. paint.. write stories.. anything my imagination could do :) This blog was made years ago.. I started it to post projects I made for the design teams I was on.. As you can see, I haven't used it for quite some time.. I have been on a little journey these past few years.. a journey to find myself... to find my happy.. I realized. I love to paint.. more so I love to paint for people.. I paint from my heart to yours.. Ive started painting a few years ago, and soon realized that my most favorite things to paint are things from your heart.. I listen.. I understand.. I use my intuition... Ive decided to recreate this blog.  To give it meaning.. My family, friends, and community have encouraged and inspired me on this adventure.. Not only will this be a blog to showcase my gallery, but a place to share stories.. stories about life, love, and meanings behind what I do.. It may take some time to get this blog in order (I have to reteach myself how to post, edit, design.. lol.. oy!!) I hope yall stick around.. ;)

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