Monday, September 12, 2016


While into the youtube void, I came across the story of a handicapped cow named Dudley.. He was bought at a cow auction.. The farmer didnt noticed at first that Dudley was missing a foot and hobbled around on a stump.. The farmer kept him for 10 months not knowing what to do.. Finally, an answer came.. He was taken to Gentle Barn in TN, where through surgery and physical therapy.. along with a prosthetic leg, he now runs happy and free.. See Dudley's whole story here.. Well his story inspired me to do this piece.. He started out as a normal cow, with a journey.. Then I added all my little doodles and mixed media techniques.. I love the finished piece, but I also liked the process.. the "unfinished" cow.. This is acrylic based on a 18x24 stretched canvas.. I see more cows in the future <3

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